Know If It’s Plain Insomnia Or Perimenopause Insomnia

Know If It’s Plain Insomnia Or Perimenopause Insomnia

You’re in that age where symptoms that are a bit uncommon then are common now. Add to that your recent inability to sleep well into the night. You tried everything from drinking warm milk to counting sheep, but to no avail.

You know there’s something wrong, especially since you’re always tired, even during the day. You even had a sneaking feeling that you’re pregnant … but you’re not, as your pregnancy test confidently showed. You attribute everything that’s happening to you to your insomnia.

But are you sure that it’s just insomnia?

There’s a big chance that you’re currently exhibiting symptoms of perimenopause insomnia. Unfortunately for most women, they go hand in hand so if you’re not showing other perimenopause symptoms, then you wouldn’t know the difference. As with any symptom, it is best to consult a doctor or your health provider. But before doing so, make a check of yourself and see if you fit into any of these:

- Stress. Does your work require your constant attention? Are there a lot of demands from your boss that you feel you can’t give your all? Are your kids bawling and fighting over who gets the remote? Did the roast chicken you put in the oven get burned to a crisp? These and other happenings are obvious stress to your already tired body. Once stressed, you’re sleeping habits change dramatically. Find ways to reduce the stress.

- Carbs. Eating too much carbs especially before bedtime makes you feel too full. This sends a signal to your body that you’re not ready to sleep yet. So unfortunately for you, you don’t.

- Night sweats. A clear indicator that it’s not plain insomnia. It is obvious that you are having a female hormone imbalance leading to perimenopause.

Try to have a fan or air conditioning unit in the room. Wear cotton clothes and avoid dark colored ones.

- Alcohol. If you were a partygoer in your younger, almost forgotten years, then you know what a healthy dose of alcohol makes you feel. It makes you feel hot – no pun intended. If you have a habit of taking a slug out of the bottle before bedtime, then consider your age. Let me read it out to you: You’re getting old. Kick the habit, or let me kick you until you get it.

- Caffeine. Again, I know of a lot of people having a nightcap. Coffee is a prerequisite. Regrettably though, while coffee tastes good (especially during a cold night), it also has the ability to wake you up. Try drinking chamomile tea (considered to be safe and approved by the FDA).

Do something about these and who knows? You might not even need to go to the doctor anymore.

Perimenopause insomnia is just one of the many signs of perimenopause. Know if what you have are perimenopause symptoms by clicking on these links now.

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